God Of War III E3 Demo Coming Soon

The God Of war Collection that will be coming out this November gets even better. For those that haven’t heard ill recap what is the God Of War collection. God of War Collection features remastered versions of both God of War and God of War II on a single Blu-ray Disc at full 1280 x 720 resolution with 2x anti-aliased graphics. Both critically acclaimed games, which were originally developed for the PS2, are running at 60 frames per second for a smooth gameplay experience on your PS3. For those wondering, yes there will be trophy support. Now that everyone is up to speed, when you purchase the God Of war Collection in November you will find a coupon voucher so you can download the GOD III demo that was shown earlier this year at E3. How is that for a great deal not only do you get both the first and second GOD remastered for your PS3 but you get to test drive the new Kratos November is going to be great.

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