‘GODZILLA’ Movie Review


Cast: Aaron Taylor Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Ken Watanabe, Juliette Binoche, Sally Hawkins, David Strathairn, Bryan Cranston.

Director: Gareth Edwards.


Director Gareth Edwards remake of the 1954 classic monster movie has rolled into the big screens across the country this weekend and it has made a big impact all the way to my childhood. Edwards delivered a great movie that did justice to many elements originally established by Toho’s first version of everyone’s most favored and revered classic monster from some of the first giant monster movies ever made. The original movie is also known to have made a really HUGE(pun intended) impact in cinema history so Edwards brilliantly and respectfully did justice to that original essence. Like the 1954 original, the movie combines many elements of an epic horror film and the moral of nature being out of balance and filled with many surprising yet appropriate storytelling choices. Godzilla doesn’t just show, it unveils the story in sequence little by little and increasing gradually while withholding the important plot parts until the end of every scene and Edwards did it in a very confident and sure way that many lesser films would’ve revealed only in their climaxes or even have showcased right off the bat in their posters.

Edwards is able to contrasts the smallness of humans against the gigantic size of the beasts, both Godzilla and the MUTO’s. Godzilla is a very “mural” movie and its best to keep that in mind when watching this movie. Edwards was successful in showing the fear and desperation of the humans if they were really caught in the middle of a giant monster battle. He made it very clear that “We are just spectators in this battle, and we can get killed and brushed off at any given moment”. Unlike “Star Trek: Into Darkness”, “Man Of Steel” and other recent blockbusters, this one really shows the devastation and death that would occur if the scenarios shown in the movie were real. Lots of people die in this movie, on screen, screaming.

In the end, Gareth Edwards demonstrated in many understanding ways what made the original 1954’s Godzilla such a great and enduring story as far as giant monster movies go. Godzilla is a very satisfying science fiction giant monster film that gives us more than just an immense, sometimes terrifying sound-and-light show. It ultimately has a good heart. Even though when Godzilla himself is rising from the ocean to flood and crush major cities, the film never becomes a blant, overpriced display of special effects. It is a great film that keeps you interested and immersed in its entirety throughout the whole duration of the film. I rate it a 4.5 stars out of 5. I will definitely be seeing this one again.