Golla Casual Laptop Bag Maelie G1441 Review


Our friends at Golla sent me the Maelie Casual Laptop Bag for review, let’s get started:

The Maelie is very spacious; the wide bottom allows you to fit so much without it getting bulky and uncomfortable to carry.

Inside there is a compartment with a velcro enclosure and the inside lining is padded enough to protect my laptop. The sides of the compartment have elastics to make it a little more flexible to fit laptops of different widths up to 16”; for your reference my 15.4” laptop fits perfectly.




In front of the laptop compartment there’s plenty of space to fit any extra accessories, for example my laptop charger, but this second compartment is actually spacious enough to hold another laptop and then some.

The straps have different material on each side; the inner part has a rough material that avoids the straps from slipping off the shoulder and the outer side has the same leather-like material that stays uniform to the rest of the bag.


The color of the Maelie is described as Cold Beige and it’s made out of synthetic leather material.

The inside lining is dark gray and it’s made of 100% polyester.

The dimensions are 16.9 x 12.6 x 5.9 inches.

Tote-like design and straps make the Maelie perfect also for casual use (hence the name) when I’m not carrying my laptop.

The material is great! I’ve used the Maelie everyday and I have not had any problems with it getting dirty or scuffed.

The Maelie is a multitasking bag; the outside front zipper is perfect to hold small accessories like my phone, phone charger and earphones. On the inside, besides my laptop,  I have used it to carry my laptop charger, makeup bag and other personal belongings.

The Maelie G1441 can be found at Golla’s website (priced at 69.90 €, which is around 91.00 US Dollars) but you can find a very close customized version, the Mila CG1094 here, for $69.99 which has an additional pocket inside for easy access to your cell phone.


We also had the opportunity to visit Golla’s booth at CES this year, where we got to see their great selection of upcoming products; you can see our coverage here.

The Maelie Casual Laptop Bag G1441 protects your laptop while looking stylishly casual.

I give the Maelie a 10 out of 10.