Good or Evil: What do you play?

So recently I started to replay Fallout: New Vegas and throughout the game you are faced with many different moral choices, whether for good or evil these choices have repercussions. I find games that do this have an added depth to them letting you play as either the type of person you are or even the complete opposite. The most important part of these type of games is making sure that you choices do have an effect on your game, if the player is aloud to make these choices willy nilly than they are not forced to think through the decisions.

Personally I tend to play good characters or chaotic good, meaning I would achieve good no matter the means. This is especially true with the Mass Effect series I would make mostly Paragon choices but if it was for the greater good Renegade choices were justified. It might be that I get very into my games, but when I screw up a moral choice I actually take it to heart and feel bad when innocents die or I fail someone. What about you guys what do you tend to play?