Grammy Nominee Austin Wintory to create exclusive song for Beatbuddy!

Reverb publishing has just announced that Austin Wintory will be working on an exclusive track and level for the award winning music game, Beatbuddy. Wintory is nominated for a grammy this Sunday for his music on the PSN hit title Journey. (which is a stunning game that I think every Playstation 3 user should play at least once in their lifetimes.)

Beatbuddy is a music action-adventure game. Players control the music creature Beatbuddy and have to work through a song that is within the level. The musical structure of the game is represented in the layout of the game levels; starting from the first bass-drum sounds all the way up to the massive chorus! Each level is custom built to fit the arrangements of a specific song. Players interactions with obstacles, enemies and characters will rebuild and remix the song so no two playthroughs of the same level are the same. As for the look of this game looks hand painted and is set in 2D graphics.

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