Gravity Rush Remastered now available for PS4


This post is a little late to the party, because as of the first week of February 2016, Gravity Rush Remastered (Gravity Daze in the Japanese version) has been available on the Playstation store for the PS4 in Europe and North America. This is amazing because in my opinion, this game was one of THE REASONS to buy a PS Vita.

In Gravity Rush Remastered, you play as Kat (Kitten in the Japanese version of the game), a girl who has lost her memory and falls from the sky into the unfamiliar city of Hekseville. She discovers she has the power to control gravity and is joined by her feline companion, whom she names “Dusty.” Kat learns that her new home is being invaded by a gelatinous race of aliens called the Nevi and that she must master her abilities to defend Heskeville, as well as from an impending gravity storm (what is a “gravity storm?” I guess we have to play to find out).

I played the demo for the original Gravity Rush for the Vita at Target when it first came out, and I was blown away by what little I had played. Naturally, upon hearing that it was being remastered for PS4, my interest was piqued. How were the PS Vita’s controls going to be translated for the PS4? Based on what I’m hearing from other people, Bluepoint Games, the company responsible for porting Gravity Rush Remastered, has done a great job remapping the controls for the PS4’s SixAxis controller. This is good news to me, as what made the original Gravity Rush such a great experience (what I played of the demo at least) was it’s innovative use of the Vita’s trackpad and gyroscope.

The gravity-controlling mechanics are used to fly through the air by controlling which direction gravity comes from, walk on walls, and thrust yourself into enemies to inflict  gravity kick attacks on enemies. You press the R button to make the character float, then aim by tilting the console or moving the right analog stick, and press R button again to be thrust in that direction until you land on any possible plane such as a wall, or the underside of a ledge. Gravity Rush Remastered features RPG elements: leveling up, side quests, optional villains, and an expansive open world to explore. You acquire new abilities such as gravity strike, and the power to lift and throw objects around.

There are three DLCs that come with it automatically (not so much DLC anymore, if my understanding is correct): the Spy Pack, Military Pack and Maid Pack. All three of these include two main missions and the opportunity to collect more Gems. One of the big points of the DLCs is the permanent inclusion of costumes that Kat wears in the DLC missions to her wardrobe.

I’m really super excited to be able to play this soon!