Gree “Crime City” Celebrates First Anniversary

Since being released in 2011, people have been ranking up the ladder of the mafia to earn the status of crime boss. The game has become the #1 rank in free games in 17 countries on the App Store. To reward the loyal fans Gree is hosting a week long event from August 24 through September 2. During that week all the player who play will receive Close Combat MG. Also players will have a chance to compete in 4 unique competitions, Here are the name of the competitions:

  • Blood Thirsty – Most successful attacks on different players
  • The Pirate  – Most robberies committed
  • Gettin’ it Done – Most quests completed
  • The Banker – Most cash collected from buildings

Gree will keep on updating the app with new features such as jobs,weapons,and titles

Crime City is now free on the app store.