Green Bay Packers Cut Charles Woodson

San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers

Interesting news in the NFL, the Packers have cut Charles Woodson. This comes as a huge surprise to a lot of people considering the Packers were not to great at the Safety positions. Charles Woodson is an X factor type player on defense. He can do a lot of things that many in the NFL cannot do. He is also a leader on the field for the team. Woodson is not the player he was a couple of years ago but he is still a starting caliber player. It will be interesting to see what teams are interested in him, there should be a couple.

Some teams that could be interested in Woodson include the Patriots. If the patriots want to make another Superbowl run they are going to need to get another starting safety since Patrick Chung is a free agent. The Chargers need a good Strong safety but may not have the funds to get Woodson. It would be interesting if the Bears or Lions picked up Woodson because they could both use the help and they are in the same division as the packers. Woodson would probably be looking for a playoff contender, so the Patriots may be the most likely to get him.