Grinding: How To Stay Sane.

As those of you who were awesome enough to come join me on The Tuesday show know that I am slowly becoming addicted to MMO games again, currently playing Neverwinter, Ragnarok Online II, Star Wars The Old Republic, and EVE online my gaming time is pretty crazy. Now besides working full time and trying to go to school full time I am also going to get back to streaming EVERY Monday and Tuesday ALL DAY. plus trying to upload as many videos a week that I can. Ok with that disclaimer out of the way let’s get to our subject at hand, Grinding. This is essentially part of every MMO and at times can be the hardest part to get through in order to enjoy end game raiding or PVP.

There are plenty of different things that you can do to be able to keep sane while you quest to reach that max level, one of the best things that I can recommend is listening to music. Make sure that it is something that will keep you pumped up and keep you hyped as that is a major advantage than listening to relaxing music. I will have a suggested type of music at the end of this article that I highly recommend and helps me level. Another great thing that will help you level faster and stay sane is grouping up with a couple of friends, this will allow you to power through quests and not have to wait for queue’s if you want to do any kind of dungeons.

Really the best advice I can give is to just make sure you stick with it as it will pay off in the end. It also important to make sure you are playing a class and race that you actually enjoy playing, forget about having the “correct” build it is far more important that for leveling you are actually having fun playing your character. Another important thing is don’t feel you have to do it all in one sitting if you spread it out to a few hours a day you will max level in no time.