Guardian Cross now available In the App store!

Square Enix Ltd has just announced that Guardian Cross, a free-to-play card battle  RPG game, is now available! You can now play this game on your iPhone or iPad!

Guardian Cross is a card game where players are put up against monsters. It is the players role as “Guardian” to capture these monsters, control them and raise over 120 of these beasts!The coliseum system lets players battle one another with their monsters from around the world!

The lead Concept planner of Guardian Cross is none other than Hiroyuki Ito! The very same person who created the Final Fantasy ATB System! To add onto that composer Naoshi Mizuta (Final Fantasy XI and ex-capcom composer) and  Character designer AKira Oguro make up the rest of this all star team!

For a limited time players can get rare limited edition cards that can only be obtained by inviting friends to play this game! some of the cards are Moogles, Mandrogoras, Ifrit and some of the other classic monsters from Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV!

To find out more about this game you can go to the official website at!