Guardians of Middle-earth Announces Playable Gloin

Gamers can now download and play as the war-hardened dwarf, Glóin in Guardians of Middle-earth on Xbox LIVE Arcade. This new Guardian character will release for PlayStation Network soon.

As one of the 12 dwarves who accompanied Thorin Oakenshield to reclaim Erebor and father of Gimli, Glóin joins the epic character roster in Guardians of Middle-earth, with Season Pass holders set to receive two more Guardians in the coming months, and more to come as well.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Monolith Productions also released new character art, bio, ability details and a new video about playing as Glóin, whose abilities include using fire to attack enemies and stunning foes with a swift blow of his mighty axe.

Also, for a limited time PlayStation Plus members can download Guardians of Middle-earth for free between Feb. 4 through March 4, 2013.