Guitar Hero Van Halen-where is Sammy? and Michael replaced!

van halenFor all you fans of Van Halen out there the release date for Guitar Hero Van Halen has been set for December 22 2009. (A total of 3 shopping days before Christmas-I wonder who’s idea that was.)  The game is being released for the PS2, PS3, Xbox360, and the Wii platforms. The game was developed by Underground Development and it’s primary engine code developed by (of course) Neversoft, and is being published by Activision Blizzard. With Van Halen going thru controversial band member changes over their almost four decade span the game will be featuring band members Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, David Lee Roth and Eddie’s son Wolfgang Van Halen on bass.  The song list will comprise of 25 Van Halen songs ranging from 1978 to 1984, as you would only expect from a Guitar Hero Van Halen release there will be 3 guitar solo songs, also 19 other songs reportedly hand picked by Wolfgang Van Halen,that include groups such as Foreigner, Wheezier and Third Eye Blind.  Van Halen’s song list as follows:

1978 “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love“                 1980 “And the Cradle Will Rock…

1978 “Atomic Punk”                                     1979 “Beautiful Girls

1982 “Cathedral” (guitar only)                 1979 “Dance the Night Away

1978 “Eruption“                                              1980 “Everybody Wants Some!!

1978 “Feel Your Love Tonight”                1982 “Hang ‘Em High”

1981 “Hear About It Later”                         1984 “Hot for Teacher

1978 “Ice Cream Man”                                  1978 “I’m the One”

1982 “Intruder”/”(Oh) Pretty Woman“  1978 “Jamie’s Cryin’

1984 “Jump“                                                     1982 “Little Guitars

1980 “Loss of Control”                                  1981 “Mean Street

1984 “Panama

WHAT? Where is the likes of “Runnin’ With the Devil”, “You Really got Me”  and, WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE, no Sammy Hagar songs like; “Why Can’t This be Love”, “Love Walks In”, “Best of Both Worlds”, the hard hitting song “AFU(All Fired Up), personally I was looking forward to playing “Cabo Wabo”.  When Hagar was with Van Halen all 4 albums reached #1 on the Billboard pop music charts. Now original Van Halen/Roth fans did not all find the new style to their liking it brought alot of new fans and many old ones rolled with the changes, soaking in the new sound.

   So this still does not answer the original question, Where is Sammy? and Michael Anthony replaced!  Alot of you might already know they started a new band called “Chickenfoot”, with highly acclaimed members Joe Satriani, and drummer Chad Smith.  Great line-up, yea?  But answer the question already.  According to Activision’s head of music licensing, Tim Riley, states that the lack there of Hagar’s era music had nothing to do with any request or demands by David Lee Roth. So again, why?

   When you look back at Halen/Hagar they roughly sold 42 million albums over a 10 year span and throw in a large tour of 138 venues over 3 continents, Sammy having a baby due soon, Eddie with hip problems, Alex with back problems, time was needed apart.  That did not come as needed with a commitment for 2 songs on the “Twister” movie soundtrack and a best of van halen album, things became stressful.  Shortly after, Hagar releasing his, best of album, to cover his large settlement from his divorce, controversy rose higher.  Tensions rose over the recording of “Between us Two” and Eddie started talking to David Lee Roth(supposedly) and the moment came Eddie ordered Hagar to the studio, Hagar did not show, Eddie dewelled over this and could not let it go.  The phone call came, Hagar is out, and from statements over time form Hagar, basically Eddie never let it go.  On June 27th of 1996 Hagar released a press anoucement that he was leaving the group.

   So, Hagar out.  Michael Anthony and Sammy still had a very good relationship.  Michael for years at this point was reported as not having any fun anymore and in whole everything had become a chore.  In many interviews with Michael he would basically state that he was happy, did not want the drama and he chose to leave the band.

   Okay, so why is Hagar and Anthony not in the game?  One can only speculate that Eddie still dislikes Hagar and definitely does not like the Hagar/Anthony collaboration.  In my opinion its a shame relationships aren’tbetter.  I know none of them probably need the money, but maybe if enough people feel similar to the way I do and let them know, just maybe, just maybe we might see a second release “Guitar Hero Van Halen II” with Hagar and Anthony.  You might be surprised. Let me know your opinion on the subject.  Either way it looks still to be a fun game with great songs, can’t wait, mine is in the mail.