Guns and Robots!

Masthead Studios released, today, some concept art for some of their weapons that will be released in their upcoming shooter, Guns and Robots!

In Guns and Robots their will be thousands of potential weapon possibilities that will let players perfect their arsenal and pinpoint enemies with multiple weapon simultaneously! Customized weapons will have a set durability, damage, energy consumption and ammo supply. Weapons will also be classified by the way it looks as well.

When players customize their weapons they will each have  options to choose, like from a number of cases and also weapon enhancements! These model’s will be class based and balanced in the game . Weapon combinations will not need ammo but they will have a higher level of energy consumption. The best part about all of this is that players can test out their assembled weapon before entering arenas uninterrupted! To add to this Masthead Studios has also included a set of lasers and fitting cases with long range damage that is durable!

Players will also have the option of a heavy weapon upgrade! The heavy guns will be nothing like the lighter guns but will do a considerable amount of damage . Players will be able to bring 4 weapons into battle with them!

This  free-to-play online Shooter will be released in December of this year! Take a look at the concept art bellow! to find out more you can go to!