HALO 4: King of the Hill App

Mountain Dew and Doritos announced the return of Double XP as part of its partnership with Halo 4. Now, Mountain Dew, Doritos and 7-Eleven Stores are bringing the in-game action of Halo 4 into the real world with the launch of Halo 4: King of the Hill –  a free downloadable mobile app that uses location-based and image recognition technology. The app mirrors a King of the Hill concept that users can play while in multiplayer mode in the Halo game. The “hills” in the app are actually 8,000 7-Eleven Stores across the US, UK and Canada.

Here’s how it works:

  • The game launches players into the World Map where they’ll be able to see their proximity to “Hills” located at 7-Eleven Stores near them.
  • Once players are near a 7-Eleven store, they can scan Mountain Dew and Doritos products to reload and obtain in-game supplies.
  • Players use these supplies to “attack” the current “King of the Hill” at a 7-Eleven Store location, or defend the title from other players. Players with the high score at each location become the “King of the Hill.”
  • Players can win the exclusive custom “Locust” helmet by becoming the “King of the Hill, or in-game rewards such as Double XP through achievements earned in the game.
  • Since there are 8,000 participating 7-Eleven stores – at least 8,000 prizes will be awarded each day.

As the first-ever app created that uses both GPS and image recognition technologies, the Proprietary Computer Vision/Augmented Reality technology allows the app to recognize Mountain Dew and Doritos products to reward virtual supplies to players. It uses GPS positioning to place virtual game elements in real world 7-Eleven stores to let fans unlock unique, in-game Halo 4 prizes (customized gear, themes, badges and XP). The app is available for download on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile Devices starting November 1. Players can compete with one another on local and national levels – all they need to do is scan Mountain Dew and Doritos products at any 7-Eleven Store to get in-game supplies to keep the battle going at each store location.