Halo Portal Site Is Up

halo portal

ODST  wasn’t the only thing that lauch this week the  Halo Portal site is up and it is freakin sweet anything and everything about Halo is there. A perfect place for anyone to get there Halo fix besides here (i know shamless plug).

Community Manager, Justin J. Korthof adds

We’ve added new game pages for every game in the Halo Franchise. Each page has all of the info you could want for any of the games – details about the story, videos, desktop wallpapers, screenshots, information on all of the versions the game is available in, links to the latest marketplace downloads for each game, developer site links, and info on any of the big experience sites that we’ve built. There’s also Timeline info for each game that highlights where the game takes place in the Halo chronology.

On top of the game pages, we’ve added pages dedicated to both Halo Legends and Halo Waypoint. The Legends page has all the latest info on the series, including the trailer, various screenshots, and details on each of the studios involved in the project. As we get closer to the release, we’ll update this page with info on the various ways that fans will be able to get their hands on the series. On the Waypoint page, we’ve added some details about the type of content that people can expect to see on a daily basis in Waypoint’s Intel section. The page also outlines the four episodes of Halo Legends that will be available for exclusive previews on Waypoint in the fall.

We’ve revitalized the home page of the site, along with the merchandise and news sections (now called Transmissions). Lastly, we’ve added a new “About Halo” section, designed to give people an overview of the whole Halo Universe, and how all of the stories fit together. In this section you’ll find primers about all of the Halo Lore – novels, graphic novels, and comic series. You’ll also find a Halo 101 page that easily walks fans through the history of the Halo Universe and the conflict between the Humans and the Covenant. We’ll be adding one more page, the Halo Timeline, to this page soon. The Timeline will put all of the major narrative points from the Halo games and novels onto one timeline together to better highlight how all of the most important events in the Halo Universe align chronologically.

You can check out the Halo Portal Homepage here