Halo Reach: Meet Noble Team

Noble Team Consists of an elite squad of 6 soldiers who somehow survives against the odds. Each soldier has their own distinct personality who everyone can connect to. First off is Carter-259 who leads Noble Team through the impossible. His second-in-command is Kat-320 , a female Spartan who is loyal to Carter and the team. Her devotion to the team was at the cost of her right arm which is now replaced by a robotic implant which still leaves her a huge threat to go up against. Carter and Kat are the 2 sole survivors of the original team and share a bond as result. Jorge-052 is the heavy weapons specialists who has fought countless battles, some of which he shouldn’t have come back. Emile-239 is the quiet type. His helmet is painted with the image of a skull. His bullets speak for him and most will find that out. Jun-266 is the tactical soldier who is best suited as the sniper other then the up close and personal method. the last member of Noble team is you and you’ll get to play your role the way you believe Noble team would have wanted it.