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Halo Reach’s multiplayer and weapons

Here’s a little info on what we can expect in Halo Reach first the obvious (four-player coop online, two-player co-player co-op online, two-player co-op split screen,s ave film feature, 16-player competitive matches),and all the other modes that have become standard to the Halo experience. We predict customization to be the buzz word surrounding the online matches this time around (much like Modern Warfare 2  customizable weapons) there’s a few new weapons like the DMR which is a one shot kill, Needle Rifle and looks like the game will have a new sniper rifle. There’s also a new vehicle helicopter-like called Falcon,that also transport your squad across the world. I know I have to tell you about the maps,but haven’t heard much yet when I do will let you know. I cant wait till this game comes out its going to be great I think its going to beat Modern Warfare 2 in every category.