Hawkeye #12 “It Takes Two Men to Make One Brother”


Barney Barton the older brother of Clint Barton A.K.A Hawkeye has hit an all-time low. The one time Avenger and villain known as Trick Shot has reached out to his brother for help. Upon his search for his beloved brother Barney stumbles onto a van containing a crew of less than reputable foes of Hawkeye. Baring a more than striking resemblance to baby brother shenanigans ensues that this crew will never forgot.

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The best thing about Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye comics are that their not always about Clint Barton. This issue in particular revolves around Clint’s older brother Barney, a man who has many talents and even more faces. The brilliance of Fraction’s writing is that in one issue he not only brings the reader up to speed on who Barney but strikes a connection between the reader and character. For some they may spend this entire issue wondering where Hawkeye is but to me that would be a waste of a spectacular issue. This was one of the most well written comics I have read this year. Every page of its inspired narrative gives more and more insight into Clint’s life. This issue is the very definition of what a Superhero does when he is off work. Fraction continues to show that Clint Barton is just like everybody else and sometimes family has issues and sometimes they stop by for an unexpected visit. This comic was an amazing story of how no matter terrible things get or how much bad blood has been pilled but family is family and it takes two men to make on brother.

HAWKEYE2012012-int-LR-4-3ea12Whenever I hear that a different artist is jumping on for an issue I begin to worry. When someone as talented as David Aja has been helming a series that I have come to greatly admire its artistic esthetic I get a little concerned. With that being said this one shot for artist Francesco Francavilla blew through and nailed this issue.  Francavilla artistic style is so similar to that of Aja that if I didn’t see an illustrated by credit I would not have known a difference. I enjoyed the art in this issue as much as I have ever enjoyed Aja’s artwork.  His real triumph in this issue for me was the flash back scenes of a young Barney and even younger Clint. The resemblance between these two brothers is uncanny and Fancavilla really pulled this issue off seamlessly.

Once again Matt Fraction displays his brilliance and in my opinion for the first time a writer is telling the story he wants to tell the way he wants to tell it. This is Fraction at his best in this issue; he is truly in his element. With the seamless addition of Francesco Francavilla’s artwork this issue was as spectacular as all the rest. I give Hawkeye #12 a 9.5 of 10. Simply brilliant.


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