Hazewalker goes live on Steam greenlight



Hazewalker, the upcoming dark fantasy action-adventure game slated to go live on Kickstarter on October 15th, has launched their Steam Greenlight campaign, TheoryForm Games announced. The Greenlight campaign features a new gameplay trailer with the most in-game footage of the game to date.

Hazewalker’s Steam Greenlight page can be found at:  http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=324336935

In Hazewalker, players will take on the role of Falken, the one person able to resist the effects of an ancient curse known as the Haze. Players can expect challenging exploration and visceral combat, as well more RPG-oriented features like conversing with interesting characters, finding and crafting equipment, augmenting your weapons with powerful enchantments, reading in-game books, and more.