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Hero Academy on Steam now!

Fans of mobile strategy game Hero Academy will be pleased to hear Robot Entertainment has released Hero Academy on Steam for the PC and is available now. When Players purchase this game on Steam they will unlock a new exclusive heroic team  that features the mercenaries from Valve Software’s Team Fortress 2. In addition to this  each heroic expansion team pack that a player buys for Hero Academy on steam will unlock a unique cosmetic item for Team Fortress 2.

Hero Academy is a strategy game  where Heroic teams battle each other in friendly  matches on the Academy battling ground. Players can challenge their friends on stream or on mobile devices  one on one battles on the multi-player mode. Heroes can play a 20 minute match or a full on day. Hero Academy is available on iPhones, ipads and now on the PC

You can go here to Download Hero Academy on Steam

You can go here to learn more about Hero Academy as well.