Hills of Glory WWII on PlayStation Mobile hills have firearms!



prepare for action with AMA’s second release on PlayStation® Mobile : Hills of Glory WWII, with exclusive content in the magazine, after the Android and iOS versions, discover the famous game developed with Mando Productions on PlayStation® Vita and latest Sony devices for [price].

The enemy has launched his biggest attack and you have to hold the hill at any cost against waves of enemy soldiers. Thanks to a fully multi-touch and optimized gameplay, fend them off releasing the artillery and the heroes powers with your fingertips.

In this crazy tower defense game with cartoonish 2D graphics, relive epic battles of World War II through 20 high risk missions.

Use various strategies with the help of your favorite soldiers among 13 available, with one exclusive to PlayStation® Mobile : Hattori Heinze, the ninja with the bloodthirsty katana and creator of the… tomato sauce as well!

Use more than 24 weapons to blow your enemies apart, as : shotgun, grenades but also the Tesla ray, UFO and in case of small matters push the red button to launch a nuke.

Your duty is not to die for your country but to make sure the ones in front of you dies for theirs.