Hitman Absolution: A Guide To Killing Your Mark

Ok let me first start off by saying that I was not always the most subtle when killing my targets however I did receive a Silent Assassin overall ranking for the campaign and am getting ready to try and climb the leader boards in Contract mode. This guide will also include very little spoilers as I know that will ruin some peoples days.

The Basics

The most important thing to know before anything of great detail is the basic rules of being an assassin. In order to have the most successful hits first you must have an understanding of your surroundings, this will allow you to take down your target and if the need arises make a quick escape. Second is to understand all of your weapons at your disposal and know that this includes things like the environment and items you can pick up throughout missions. Thirds is that you must not be tempted to rush the kill, as understanding a targets pattern and habits will allow you to use that to your advantage.


Most missions have some form of disguise that you can acquire without having to kill any guards or innocents, and this should be used first as unnecessary kills will lower your overall score. It is also important to think about what disguise you will use to gain access of certain areas, for example I would not recommend using one that can raise suspicion such as a guards outfit, instead opt for some other that will be granted access such as a gardener or plumber. Remember that sometimes it is not always the best idea to hide in plain sight but instead stay in the shadows.

When To Kill

Sometimes you will find that there is no choice but to kill a guard that is blocking the way, or someone who is just in the wrong room at the wrong time. When possible subdue instead of killing as this will minimize the point loss that you take, also after you take someone out make sure that you hide the body. If you use anything other than the garrote wire or your bare hands, such as a knife or screwdriver know that it will leave a bloodstain where the body was and passing people will notice. It is important to also take notice to the amount of noise you make when taking a person down as if nearby people hear it they will come to investigate.


Following these simple rules will help you in successfully taking down your targets and it is always important to remember that a good assassin will never make his presence known and that slow is calm and calm is accurate and accurate is fast. Take your time and thoroughly plan your hits and you will be climbing the leader boards in no time. Good luck with the kill agent.