Hunt For a DS Case


I’m on a hunt for a case for my Nintendo DS. I have looked around an saw several items that would work well.

Recycled Folio for Nintendo DS

The black Recycled Folio has a really cool middle zippered compartment for the DS, and on the sides you can put your games and accessories; It’s around 25 bucks at Toys R Us. But I’m looking to girly up mine.

Lustre case for Nintendo DS

So i get to the Lustre Case in Pink and White, it has also a zippered compartmet for the DS and you can place your games ans stylus on the side. It’s girlier and it  goes for about 20 bucks at Toys R Us, so its really close to what i want.

Clutch Wristlet for DS

The last one that caught my attention is the wristlet/clutch bag that you can’t really tell its a DS case and its really girly and cheap. It goes for around 8 bucks also at Toys R Us.

Still haven’t made up my mind, so the hunt continues. I will still keep looking around at other stores, or maybe just keep walking around Toys R Us to see what else I find. Does anyone has any ideas where i can find a cute case?

One thought on “Hunt For a DS Case

  1. Hi! I loved the pink Lustre Case for nintendo DS, but I went to the Toysrus store and I didn’t find it! Can you send me the link to the product or tell me where I can buy it? Thanksss

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