i-Free Innovations’ Zombie Granny Invades Android Devices Everywhere With Tons Of Ghoulish Humor And Gameplay


i-Free Innovations, a Russian mobile applications and games developer and publisher, today introduced Zombie Granny for Android, an addictive physics-based zombie killer game with stunningly beautiful graphics, imaginative puzzles, tricky missions and loads of ghoulish humor. Developed by FreshGem, a team of game development professionals based in Moscow, Zombie Granny delivers hours of entertainment with three different worlds – Stonehenge, Pirate Ship and Police Station, each with 15 different puzzles that constantly challenge players to exterminate more than 100 zombies and the bosses who rule each level in a variety of fun and entertaining ways.

The game is available at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ifree.zombiegranny

In the game, mechanical puzzles require constant trial and error to discover the correct order of steps to solve each level and zap those zany Zombies. The game’s objective is to figure out how to get fireballs, bombs, boxes, etc. and other weapons to hit the zombies and turn them into a pile of black ash. Each level poses multiple challenges and players must watch closely as their actions put the scene in motion. Some fireballs are held by two energy tethers, and the player must figure out which to sever first, and then calculate the right moment to sever the second that is swinging freely as a result. The cyclic, pendulum motion is captured perfectly, along with bounces, collisions, falls and chain reactions. Challenged to complete each level as fast as they can, players score gemstones (trying to collect three each level) and puzzle pieces to unlock additional points and achievements. Additional bombs, useful for eliminating the one remaining zombie on a level, are available as an optional, in-app purchase.

Zombie Granny also includes an easy-to-use Level Editor, allowing users to create and share an unlimited number of levels and their own original puzzles. This feature is available to unlock after the “Pirate Ship” and “Police Station” levels have been purchased ($1.99 for both).

“Some games are known for their zany characters, others for cool animated effects, and still others for intricate, mechanical puzzles,” said Kirill Petrov, Managing Director, i-Free Innovations. “Zombie Granny has it all, including a highly realistic physics engine, making it simultaneously humorous, challenging and entertaining every time!”