iLuv Neon Sound High Performance Earphones Review


Our friends at iLuv sent the Neon Sound High Performance Earphones for our review.

I always carry earphones because they’re so easy to have in my bag and just pull them out whenever I need to listen to music.

The Neon Sound High Performance Earphones have a very streamline design, tangle-free flat cable, which avoids those unbearable times when my other earphones get tangled into an infinite knot.


With 3 different sized earphone tips it’s easy to adjust to your needs. They’re also very comfortable when wearing for long periods of times.


Sound quality is great; their Noise-Isolation Design cancels out any outside noise so it doesn’t interfere with what you’re listening to on your device of choice.

The volume doesn’t need to be adjusted too high to be able to enjoy the crisp clear sound.


They have a built-in microphone for hands free use. This feature works great when making calls on my iPhone, I could hear the person on the other line very clear and I was heard very clearly on the other end as well.

The Neon Sound High Performance Earphones are priced at $24.99 and they come in different variations of neon colors: green, pink, orange, but they also have two single colored versions in black and white.

I definitely recommend the Neon Sound High Performance Earphones to anyone who would want to get high quality earphones for a very reasonable price.

You can visit and purchase iLuv products on their website here

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