Indie developer hits new & Noteworthy in UK App Store

1368166230_yam-yamHoney Tribe Studios, the 1-man studio from London is currently being featured by Apple with new release Yam Yam: Puzzle Guardians.

The UK App Store and 27 other European countries have highlighted Yam Yam: Puzzle Guardians as New & Noteworthy in Games.

This has propelled the relatively unknown developer to a chart position of number 3. In Belarus. In the UK, at the time of writing Yam Yam Puzzle Guardians is currently at 780 in the iPhone games chart.

The developer hopes the Apple feature and the originality of the game will help to push it up the charts. The feature was well received on the Indie Games Sub-Reddit and hit the top post of the day with more than 100 ‘upvotes’.