Inhumans coming out sooner than we expected!

I was disappointment at first to hear that the Inhumans will not premier as a movie but as a television show for ABC. Later we found out that Disney and Imax are working together to bring the first two episodes to live theaters! This is a new concept they are trying but i am definitely exited. Unlike Daredevil, The Inhumans is going to be a weekly show– the network will air exclusive scenes not included in the cinematic versions as well.

Now for those of you lames that have no idea who the Inhumas are, no there not like the X-men. The Inhumans where experiments by the Kree (alien race) for the purpose of creating a powerful mutant  race of soldiers for the use against their enemy the Skrulls (another alien race). They where successful in in creating enhanced humans but the Kree abandoned their experiments for unknown reasons. Their test subjects the inhumans, formed a society more advanced than the rest of the human race an developed modern technology. Experiments with the “Terrigen Mist” gave them extreme powers as well as deformities


Their city Attilan has been frequently relocated, now they are in oxygen-bearing Blue Area of the Moon. The secret race has helped the X-men, Avengers and Fantastic Four on many occasions to defeat many powerful threats.


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  1. I like the idea of bringing tv shows to the big screen. i guess I am a lame because I never heard of Inhumans. I’m excited to see what they do for the story line.

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