Injustice: Gods Among Us, a DC Based Fighting Game

NetherRealm Studios, the developers behind the Mortal Kombat series and its crossover Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, have announced they are currently developing a game titled Injustice: Gods Among Us. This title is solely dedicated to DC characters like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, as well as many other heroes and villains. With this announcement comes a trailer with some early gameplay footage, which can be seen below.


From the trailer we can see that the combatants are able to interact with the environment in different types of ways, from kicking people through buildings, to smashing a car over one’s head. NetherRelm has said the game will have “at least as many” characters as Mortal Kombat, which included 28 without DLC. In the trailer we’ve seen Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, The Flash, Soloman Grundy, and even a little bit of Lex Luthor in his Brainiac Suit- which means there’s still over 20 spots on the roster to fill up, so there’s still hope if you haven’t seen your favorite hero/villain. The game is set to release sometime in 2013 on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U.