Interstellar Marines: Prologue on Kickstarter

You might remember Interstellar Marines from a few years ago, as in 2005, when it was in development. Zero Point Software designed this sci-fi fps and it would have been released on computers and consoles earlier, but bankruptcy hit the company. However, it’s not the end of Interstellar Marines, as a kickstarter for its prologue has begun with a goal of $600,000. The in-depth video above illustrates what the game is about, while taking shots at Call of Duty.

The description for this prologue states, “Interstellar Marines: Prologue is a sci-fi FPS that offers a unique blend of tactical co-op, progressive role-playing, and nonlinear gameplay, featuring the intense backstory leading up to First Contact – the first game in our ambitious trilogy.” The fundraiser ends on November 27, but the rewards for certain pledges are limited, so don’t procrastinate!