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Marvel’s cinematic universe phase 2 has begun with Iron Man 3 and i hate to say it so far it is off to a rocky start. I think its becoming a Hollywood trend where the trailers become over hyped and make the film seem one thing but then become another that’s what happen to this film.In the trailer what we were fed was The Mandarin going after Tony getting real personal and making iron man go into darker territory but in fact it was the total opposite the film started  good then fell flat, Story wise some time after The Avengers Tony has had nightmares and panic attacks and become more obsessive of his Iron Man suits causing problems with Pepper his past comes back to haunt him, during a flash back tony had a fling with scientist Maya Hansen who were approached by Aldrich Killan to work on Hansens experiemt Extremis to enhance human with regenerative and super human powers Tony refuses which causing anger with Killan. The gags and funny moments of the film reminded me of Spiderman 3 when Peter Parker was dancing in the club yea that bad funny but overused. The trailer was full of promise but the plot broke apart what was a real let down was the Mandarin which leds to the third part the big plot twist who is the mandarin? why is he working with Killian? the truth is there is no Mandarin what we saw was a lie an actor playing a actor, they completely threw away a major character which could’ve been used in a way better way they hyped up the badass terrorist then completely threw him away which felt like a slap to the fans. The High marks for the films of course  was the new suits such as The Mark 42 which was Badass and the final action scene was indeed amazing and i did geek out but it wasn’t enough to save this film from its weak plot which had a lot of potential to be amazing but the gags and snappy funny moments were overused. That being said if you are going to see this film lower your expectations and watch this film as a comedy and  don’t take it seriously and you may have a good time. Hollywood has done it again over hyped trailers weak product.

The films gets a 2.5 out of 4

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  • May 3, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    thank you its funny I said the same thing. half way through the movie I turned to Kat and said they Spiderman 3ed it. I think a part of me died a little. but hey it was still better than X-Men 3 of Green Lantern.

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