Iron Man 3

SPOILER ALERT ! I’m warning who ever is reading this if you DO NOT want to know the plot based of Iron Man 3 i would suggest to keep scrolling down and read some of the other amazing articles. But if you do then continue on reading. So rumors have been going around that star Andy Lau will be appearing in Iron Man 3, well it is confirmed he’ll be playing Tony Starks best friend in China who will help him in his battle against the Mandarin. The plot  has come to China to rescue a friend’s daughter who was kidnapped in America and brought overseas. Chinese actresses Bingbing Fan is said to have been cast as Lau’s wife and Yang Mi as his assistant. Iron Man 3 begins shooting in North Carolina before moving on to Beijing and Shanghai. It has also been reported that Iron Man will be seen flying over the Great Wall of China,  the National Palace Museum and various landmarks in Shanghai. Im starting to sense this film will be definitely another great hit! I can’t wait!