Iron Patriot In Iron Man 3?

Photos from the set of Iron Man 3 have been leaked of what seems to be the Iron Patriot armor.Who is that in the Iron Patriot armor you ask? In the Marvel universe Norman Osborne wears the Iron Patriot patriot as the new leader of The Avengers. Now the big question is who is the Iron Patriot in the new Iron Man film. Since Sony owns the right to Norman Osborne. They’re plenty of rumors on the net of how this will play out in IM3?

One rumor claims that the man in the Iron Patriot Armor is James Badge Dale, Who is playing Eric Savin in film whom eventually becomes the cyborg ColdBlood.
Another rumor according to Latino Review, it appears that the Star-Spangled armor might belong to Don Cheadle’s War Machine in Iron Man 3. The gentleman in the suit was, as Latino Review puts it: “not a movie star, it’s just a white guy.” LR is also quick to point out that the scene shown in the unofficial set photos is likely the unveiling of the Patriot Armor fit for military service.

They’re is no official word from Marvel or Paramount on how the armor will fir into film but i can’t to see it in action.