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iSink U Review For the iPad

Artificial brings the classic game battleships into the digital age with there Naval Strategy game iSink U. To gain victory on the battlefield iSink u arms you with a vast armory of ships along with one submarine to sink your enemies ships to gain victory over them.

i Sink U has a great look to it. The boats are rendered with a cell-shaded look that makes theme appealing to the eye. The levels are very nicely design. There 4 stages each with 3 levels of difficulty as you progress through the game. Each of the the stages are themed you have Frozen Front, Tropical, War zone and the last one being locked I will let you discover that one on your own. By far my favorite stage would have to be War Zone with school buses and skyscrapers a float as you battle it out for survival.

Time to get down to the mechanics of the game. By looking at picture below the game looks easy enough to play right?
Wrong, To pan the screen you drag your finger around. This works, but seems a bit sluggish. To rotate the screen you’re supposed to use two fingers, and to zoom in and out you pinch. My biggest issue was while trying to zoom in. As I try to zoom in and pinch my two fingers together and the screen begins to rotate not zoom in. I found this occurring often when i would try to zoom in or out. To target your enemies you must drag the crosshairs around the screen. I found this option to be very jerky and lagy i don’t see why couldn’t you just tap on the screen to select the surface you wanted to target.

How do you play iSink U will its very simple each player has 5 ships to defend. At the beginning of the game you place those ships on a grid. Once you’ve placed all of your ships, you press the start button and the game begins. In each round you get 5 actions points to do one or both of the following shoot at your opponent’s ships and move your own ships. Being able to move your ships once the game has started adds an interesting element to the strategy involved in the game, though you can’t move a ship once it has been hit.

My final thoughts on iSink U are that this is a great game with a few flaws that can easily be fix with an update in the future. The game looks great and sounds great, and the basics of game play are solid.

Score 8 Out Of 10

isink U
Price $ 0.99
Developer:Artificial Life