Jagged Alliance: Crossfire Trailer!

Today Kalypso Media USA and bitComposer Games released this Trailer for Jagged Alliance: Crossfire. Jagged Alliance: Crossfire is a tactical RPG that lets players control a private military corporation in which they recruit, train and equip mercenary teams to free the country of Khanpaa.

Jagged Alliance: Crossfire is a standalone expansion to tactical RPG Jagged Alliance: Back in action.  Some of the features in this new expansion are:

  • A Plan n Go system where players plot their teams moves strategically in real time.
  • 10 mercenaries to a team.  These 10 mercenaries have more than 50 distinct combatants with unique skills. weaknesses and  interesting personalities.
  • 10 new maps in the mountain nations of Khanpaa. These rocky mountain terrains matched with their narrow valleys and icy cliffs will  man more cover opportunities as well as challenges for players.
  • 15+ hours of game play with a standalone campaign and variety of missions.
  • New weapons, enemies and equipment.


for more go to http://www.jaggedalliance.com