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Jigsaw Bug, now on App Store!


Available today for free on the App Store, Digital Strawberry LLC’s Jigsaw Bug brings fun to a entirely new level. Meant for puzzle addicts of all ages, it features thousands of stunning high-resolution jigsaw puzzles in a huge variety of fascinating categories.

Each jigsaw is special, as puzzle solvers are challenged by four distinct hand-crafted puzzle piece styles and an array of dynamic puzzle cuts. With a customizable background and an offering of advanced options like edges only and ghost image, this app has the compelling look of a realistic puzzle game!

Because Jigsaw Bug is a family game too, the wide collection of awesome photos appeal to adults and children alike. Players can simply alter the skill level on each and every puzzle by selecting a different number of piece cuts, ranging from 4 to 80 pieces on the iPhone and up to 300 pieces on the iPad. Jigsaw Bug perfectly has an automatic save for puzzles in progress, so puzzles can be finished later. The app also includes multiple advanced options like a border shuffle, edges only, ghost image, and more. As an added bonus, Jigsaw Bug is even more great enough to attain no third-party advertisements, so no more annoying ads to bug you.