Join us for next Shakey’s Tournaments *NOT CANCELED*


Join us for our next Shakey’s Pizza event. All tournaments at the Shakey`s are cash buy in, will be $15 bucks $10 going towards your food and $5 going to prize pot with first place receiving 80% of cash pot and 2nd receiving the remaining 20% per tournament.

Please note it is required for you to purchase food at Shakey’s to play in the events, no outside food or drinks will be allowed you can spend more than $10 dollars if you like but it has to be minimum $10, also in order to keep track of the participants your receipt will have to be given to us as proof of your purchase, and if you must know everything is really good especially the pizza you can view the menu here. you only need to purchase your food once to enter the events.


Shakey’s Pizza

555 Broadway Ave. #1078

Chula Vista, CA 91910

Phone: 619-425-0211

When: Saturday May 25th

Signups starting at 4 pm and the tournament starting at 5pm.

Please show up before the event so you have time to eat and again remember to keep your receipt when you pay for your food it’s your ticket into the event.


-Fighting games:

Standard fighting game rules for all 3 fighters best of 3.  finals and grand finals best of 5

Fight sticks are allowed.

-Madden 13.

Wired controllers are allowed.

Tournament format and Qtr time with be based on attendees.