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Join us for our 2 day League of Legends tournament!

LOL-FlyerJoin us Saturday and Sunday December 28 & 29, for our first two day League of Legends 5v5 Team Tournament. All PCs are provided but you are welcome to bring your own headset, keyboard and mouse.

Prize will be:

1st place: 3200 RP & Triumphant Ryze skin for every player

2nd place: 2400 RP per player

3rd place: 1600 RP per player

4th place: 800 RP per player

Plus more prizes!

Food and drinks will be provided for players.

The tournament will be held at the Microsoft Store starting from 10am Saturday until 9pm and will continue Sunday at 11am.

There is a team limit of 12 teams, so the tournament can be double elimination so be sure to sign up to lock in your spot you can sign up at please provide team name and each player on team (no subs) once the event start you will play with the players you signed up with.

*Note there’s already a lot of teams signed up only a few sports left hurry now to secure your team’s spot in the tournament*