Join Us for our first FBG StreetPass MiitUp at our HQ

streetpass poster

Join us for our first FBG StreetPass meetup at our Headquarters!

When: Sunday, April 20th
Where: 2593 3rd Ave. Chula Vista (FBG HQ).
Starting at 1pm
The event is FREE. Don’t forget to bring your 3DS!

There will be raffles, awesome prizes, easter candy, tournaments and open stations for casuals.
The Super Smash Bros. cash tourney will start at 5pm.

Collect Mii characters. Enhance gameplay in StreetPass-enabled games. Play games in Mii Plaza. Warning: If you reach the maximum of 10 StreetPasses you won’t get any more StreetPasses until you go into the Lobby and let the Mii in to reduce the notification counter. Don’t forget to reduce the Mii queue if you attend the FBG StreetPass meeting!

*NO outside Food or Drink allowed.

Don’t forget to RSVP:

Help us spread the word! Feel free to post your questions and concerns below.