Join us for our Gears of War Judgment Midnight Launch


Yes we know the event is still a ways away but we want to make sure, everyone starts preordering at the Microsoft Store rumor has it that the more preorders they receive the bigger the prizes and giveaways will be at the event so if you haven’t already stop by and do so. Plus they have a pretty sweet deal going on just for preordering.

Gears of War Judgment midnight launch, not to much details have been sent our way only thing we know for sure is it will be on the 18th of March and we will be hosting a tournament.

Sign ups will begin at 8pm and the tournaments following after.

The event will be held at the Microsoft Store in Fashion Valley Mall.

In the past midnight launches those who have preordered at the store have been given priority in sign ups, so just in case preorder at the Microsoft Store to ensure you get a spot in the tournament.

No word on the tournament gametypes, format or rules. as soon as we do we’ll post them up.

As a reminder NO outside controllers  will be allowed regardless if they are wired or not and headsets this is a midnight launch rule.