Join us for our next League of Legends 5v5 Team Tournament.

league-of-legends-449244Join us Saturday the 23th for our two day League of Legends 5v5 Team Tournament. All PCs are provided but you are welcome to bring your own headset, keyboard and mouse.

Teams: Each team shall consist of Five Players – No Substitutes allowed

When: Tournament Date and Time: The Tournament will take place on Saturday 5/23/2015 at 11am and will go till no later than 8:30pm

Where: Microsoft Store Fashion Valley Mall 7007 Friars Rd Suite 324 San Diego, CA 92108

Last chance signups begin at 10am and first match starts at 12pm.

There is a team limit of 8 teams, so the tournament can be double elimination so be sure to sign up to lock in your spot you can sign up at

Please provide team name and each player on team (no subs) once the event start you will play with the players you signed up with.

We enjoy trash talking like everyone else just try not to get carried away, please remember that this is a public store so no screaming, shouting, or vulgar language during this event. Failure to do so will result in a round lost and can lead to tournament forfeit.