Join us for our next two day League of Legends Tournament!

Champions-league-of-legends-29316465-2560-1810Join us Saturday and Sunday January 24th and 25th, for our two day League of Legends 5v5 Team Tournament. All PCs are provided but you are welcome to bring your own headset, keyboard and mouse.

Rule Set:

Teams: Each team shall consist of Five Players – No Substitutes allowed.

Tournament Date and Time: The Tournament will take place on Saturday 1/24/2015 at 11am and will go till no later than 8:30pm then will continue on Sunday 1/25/2015 at 11am and will end no later than 6:30pm.

Registration is open and spots are filling fast to register your team send us an email at events(AT)fanboygaming(DOT)com, all we need is your team name and the summoner names or each player.

Food will be provided.

First Place Team: 3200 Riot Points, and Triumphant Ryze Skin.
Second Place Team: 2400 Riot Points.
Third Place Team: 1600 Riot Points.
Fourth Place Team: 800 Riot Points.

More info here.