Join us for our tournaments at Winter Gamerest 2012

That’s right at next year’s WFG we will be running 3 games starting with Gears of War 3 4v4 team tournament on Friday then followed by Modern Warfare 3 4v4 team tournament on Saturday and to wrap up the weekend we got Halo CE Anniversary edition 4v4 team tournament.

All events are free with prizes going to the winning team, all events will be 4 vs 4 so please have your complete team set, sight ups will open on the day of each event at 10am with all the events starting around 1pm.

As you many in the flyer above there will be other great games running at the same time as soon as we get details on those we’ll be posting them up here, right now all we got is what we’re running with our partner’s the Microsoft Store.

Stay tune we’ll be posting up more info as we get it here on the site, please note do not call the Microsoft Store or ask any of their employees about the Winter Gamefest, only Fanboygaming staff knows the details.

Any questions you can ask us at any of our weekly events or email us at