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Join us for San Diego’s biggest Gears of War 3 launch party!

Be among the first to play Gears of War 3 in our Gears of War 3 tournament kicking off the event!, amazing prizes will be given along with swag bags.

The event is Free and sign ups begin at 9 so get there early, we yet to know what the format will be, either  free for all or team Microsoft is hold their cards close on details regarding the game. As soon as we hear something we’ll be updating it here in the coming days.

But just in case be ready for anything.


  1. I’m interested in attending the launch, my question is if you already per-ordered the game somewhere else can you still attend this event and get a swag bag and enter the tournament? Any info would be good thanks.

  2. Yes you can that’s not a problem, but i would recommend you grabbing your copy at the Microsoft Store they have a sweet deal right now that when you pre order Gears 3, BF3,MW3 and Halo:CE they give you $125 when you pick up Halo.

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