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Join us this Saturday for our Cash Tournaments


Sign ups and Warm ups will  begin at 10 am with Injustice and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 4v4 team tournaments beginning around 12pm. Super Street Fighter 4 will begin around 2pm and wrapping things up will be Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 which will begin around 5pm and will go till we get a winner.

Competitors can enter more than on fighting game but can not enter a fighting game and Black Ops 2 due to over lapping matches.

Each fighting game tournament you enter is $5 dollars 3 going to cash pot and $2 going to “house”.  Additional prizes will be provided

Call of Duty team tournament will be $8 buy in $6 going to cash pot $2 going to “house”.

Where: Digital Gym 2921 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego,CA 92104

When: Saturday the 27th signups start at 10am

What: Cash Tournaments for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter 4, Injustice, 4v4 Black Ops 2


All tournaments will be played on Xbox 360.

FightSticks and wired controllers are allowed. NO outisde wireless controllers will be allowed. NO modded equipment will be allowed.


All fighting games opening rounds will be best 2/3 with Winner,losers and Grand finals being best 3/5

Loser of a match can switch character/team, winner must pick same character/team (in the same order and assist).


Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 FBG Rules

Banned Primary Weapons:

– All Shotguns


– Peacekeeper

– Riot Shield

Banned Secondary Weapons:

– Smaw/RPG

– Kap 40

Banned Lethal Grenades:

– Bouncing Betty

– C4

– Claymore

Banned Tactical Grenades:

– Shock Charge

– Tactical Insertion

Banned Perks:


Banned Attachments:

– Grenade Launcher

– Millimeter Scanner

– Duel Wield

Banned Score Streaks:


– Counter UAV

– Hunter Killer

– Carepackage

– Guardian


– Sentry Gun

Capture The Flag




Search & Destroy










Scorestreaks: Allowed

Score Streak Delay: 15 seconds

Team Change In-Game: Not Allowed

3rd Person Spectating: Not Allowed

Revenge Voice: No

Hardcore: Off

Dynamic Map Elements: Off

Friendly Fire: On

Game Recording: On

Battle Chatter : Off

Search & Destroy:

Time Limit: 1.5 Minutes

Round Win Limit: 6 Rounds

Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds

Plant Time: 5 Seconds

Defuse Time: 7.5 Seconds

Switch Side: Every Round

Silent Plant: Yes

Capture The Flag:

Win Condition: Total Flag Captures

Time Limit: 5 Minutes

Capture Limit: 10 Flags

Respawn Delay: 5 Seconds

Round Limit: 2 Rounds

Enemy Carrier: Delayed

Auto Return Time: 30 Seconds

Pickup Time: Instant

Return Time: Instant


Time Limit: 10 Minutes

Score Limit: 250 Points

Lifetime: 1 Minute

Capture Time: None

Activation Delay Time: None