Join us this Saturday for our FFA Halo CE Tournament

Along with our usual 4vs4 team tournament main event, we will  also be having a the side event will be starting at 5pm with the main event starting at the usual 6pm. The FFA tournament will be an buy-in only tournament for $10 per person,  prize will be $100 if we get 10 players and up (capped at 32).  if we get under 10 players then prize will be the accumulated amount.

The tournament will be single elimination  to ensure we have enough time for the main event which will be the team tournament which will start at 6pm like always.

You can play in both events just remember that the side event is $10 per person only, and the main event is still free.  Also remember to sign up for both events if you are planning on playing in both since there will be separate signups for both.

Please note that the main event takes priority over the side event, if we experience any technical difficulties or delays then the side event will be canceled.  

Any questions please send them to EventsATfanboygamingDOTcom.