Join us This Saturday for our Halo CE 4v4 Team Tournament *Rules*

Join us This Saturday for our Halo CE 4v4 Team Tournament. Sign-ups start around 5, and the Tournament should be started around 6. If you do not have a team, then we will be able to provide one for you.
here’s the details:

Where: San Diego Microsoft Store at Fashion Valley Mall

When: Saturday 10/13/2012

As always our events are free but we will feature our optional cash prize. For all those who wish to participate in the cash prize, the entry fee will be $10 per person who wants to join in it. We will go into more details the day of the Tournament.

Tournament Rules/Details.

All Games

Primary Weapon = DMR
Secondary Weapon = None
Spartan Loadouts = Hidden
Elite Loadouts = Hidden
Melee Damage Modifier = 75%
Player Speed = 120%
Jump Height = 110%
Player Gravity = 200%
Motion Tracker Mode = Off
Suicide Penalty = None
Betrayal Penalty = None
Team Changing = Not Allowed
Betrayal Booting = Disabled


Flag At Home to Score = Enabled
Flag Return Time = Instant
Flag Reset Time = 15 Seconds
Time Limit = 5 Minutes
Respawn Time = 10 Seconds

Team Slayer

Score to Win = 25
Time Limit = 50 Minutes