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Join us this weekend at Winter Gamefest 2014!

wintergamefest2014_fbgscheduleOnce again we will be hosting a ton of events at this years Winter Gamefest! Unfortunately there will be a couple of UCSD students only events but to make up for it we will be hosting some of those same events at our HQ.

You can sign up for any of Winter Gamefest events by emailing us at each event will have a cap so hurry.

The events we will be hosting at our HQ for everyone who can’t enter at UCSD will be

Friday Call of Duty 2v2 Ghost and FFA Black Ops 2

Saturday Killer Instinct, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter 4. (already open to everyone but we can always use more fighting games).

Sunday Smash Bros Melee and other fighters.

Events at our HQ will begin around 6pm and need no advance sign ups. for more info go here.