Join Us Today For Our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, 2v2 Team Tournament

Today is our Modern Warfare 2, 2v2 Team Tournament. If you do not have a team then we will be able to provide a teammate for you. Sign-ups start around 5, and the Tournament should be started around 6. Rules are posted below.

here’s the details:

Where: San Diego Microsoft Store at Fashion Valley Mall

When: Today 10/29/2011

Rules: We have made a few rules and weapon Bans.
1. No leaving the normal boundaries of the map.
2. No switching teams or going into spectator mode at any time during a game.
3. No outside coaching or screen watching allowed.
4. Any disrespect or unsportsmanlike behavior toward other players, the Microsoft Store, and staff will lead to immediate disqualification.
5. No Vulgar Language is allowed.

Any Violations of these rules will result in an automatic DQ and your team will forfeit the match, and if your in a cash prize pool, there is no refunds.

Weapon Bans: Grenade Launchers, Claymores, C4, Secondary Launchers, Blast Shield, Tactical Insertion, Riot Shield, Shotguns, Akimbo Secondary Weapons.

Perk Bans: One Man Army, Stopping Power, Commando, Last Stand.

Death Streak Bans: Painkiller, Final Stand.

Killstreak Ban: No Nukes!!!

Maps and Game Types will be announced the day of the Tournament.
You must bring your personal classes on a thumb drive, since the consoles are not connected to the Internet. All classes Must follow the set rules, otherwise you and your team will be Disqualified.

This event will feature our optional cash prize. For all those who wish to participate in the cash prize, the entry fee will be $20 per person who wants to join in it. We will go into more details the day of the Tournament.

NO bags, backpacks, etc will no longer be allowed in the store for tournament participants, if your planning on bringing a controller, headset, etc. please carry them in by hand since bags are no longer allowed.
participants who bring bags, etc will not be allowed to enter the tournament.