JollyGrim Closed Beta set for the 21st of September!

GameSamba announced that next week on Friday, September 21st, would begin the closed beta for their card-based strategy and role-playing game JollyGrim! JollyGrim will be free-to-play!

Jolly Grim takes place in a world where fairy tales come to life! Players will 1st enroll as students at the JollyGrimAcademy and battle other players as well as NPCS using the cards they collect.

Unlike other card games  everything happens in Real time instead of turn based!What alsp sets this game apart is that each card is treated as a “unit” on the field. It has features of attack and defense on all four side, thus making it so that  it is important to have a strategy. In addition to all this each card has health points as well as a cooldown time making it so that players must learn to defend and block.

Each card features characters from fairy tales, myths, legends and some new original ones. This game will have a single player  as well as a multiplayer mode. the game will feature story-based campaigns but the real action is in the multiplayer combat where up to 3v3 battles can happen! As players level up they can unlock strategies, gameplay features and bonuses!

for more information or to even sign up for the closed beta you can to go to