July 23rd, 2013 – Steam trading cards for Fortix 1 and Fortix 2!


F2_boxshotwe are giving everyone on Steam just one more reason to try the Fortix 1 and Fortix 2! the Fortix franchise. At these prices and this much fun, collecting cards should be a blast for everyone!

More of our games on Steam will receive a similar update for those who are already out there collecting cards as much as they can. Soon they will be able to enjoy our full catalogue.

If you have any questions please, don’t hesitate to contact us at pr@nemesys.hu.

Fortix is a cross between the game play of Qix and a backwards turret defense game. Players control Sir Fortix who battles the evil that Xitrof, the dark wizard, has spread over the land. The aim in the game is to conquer areas of the field to lift its curse. Twenty-two levels, numerous enemies and multiple game modes, offer the user hours of game play! Fortix is now available on Steam

Nemesys Games is an independent game developer headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, and has been making games since 2004. The team of 8 have previous releases in the racing and casual genres, one of which was an IGC DICE 2011 finalist.